Ross Anthony Livestock Services Cattle Crush

crush 1For trimming on farm Ross uses a fully hydraulic, upright mobile cattle crush of his own design, manufactured in 2011.  Having previously used another model Ross wanted to develop his own crush with a number of modifications.

The crush has been developed  from Ross’s trimming experience and is designed to be efficient and easy to use, making it safer for the handler and less stressful for the animal.  Benefits include:

- Gives excellent access to all four feet for trimming and administering any blocks or treatments.

- Large enough for bulls as well as cows.

- Raised about 6” off the floor to help eliminate bending by the handler.

- Has a slatted floor to help keep feet clean.

- Convenient holders for trimming tools.

  • - Durable build quality.

    - Quick and easy to set up.

  •  The crush will be available commerically in the near future


crush 2